How many people should I order for my office / team / party?
One of the biggest concerns that our clients have for the first time ordering with us is how much food should we order and is there going to be enough food. After serving many clients throughout the Bay area we have found a great formula in how we do our food proportioning with great success. So simply put if you have a X amount of people to your party or event. Order that much and you’ll be taken care of with a good amount of food.

How many dishes are given per person on the package?
Our packages includes a variety of 7 different dishes. Entrees includes: Chicken, Pork or Beef (additional $1 per person) and Tofu. As for side dishes there will be: jasmine rice or brown rice (additional $.50 per person), vegetarian noodles, grilled veggies, and mixed green salad

How many satays is in the Pure Sataysfaction Menu?
Each person will get around 3-4 satays per person.

Whats the difference from Original to Pure?
The only difference is in regards to the meat entrees. In the original menu, the meat entrées of the chicken, pork or beef. You’ll get them chopped up and stir fry. However in the pure menu the entrees will be chicken and beef satays. Where the meats are on the stick. In terms of flavor and deliciousness. It is all the same.

Do I have to tip?
The price is all inclusive, meaning it is unnecessary to tip. However, our delivery drivers work really hard and makes sure the food set up the great standard Sataysfied way. You are more welcome to give them any cash tip if you like.

Do you private events outside of catering companies?
Absolutely! If you look through our testimonials we find that one of our most valued customers are the baby showers, birthday parties and overall private catering parties throughout the Bay Area.